Conscious Dance is an euphoric free flow dance experience encouraging in-body presence, freedom of expression, resolution of resistance, celebration of life, and the ignition of passion!

All moving within a varied mix of live and electronic dance music from across the world!


Event Guidelines

Arrive 15 minutes before start time

No chit chat during the sound journey

Wear whatever you wish

Thank you



Cacao is optional

We advise to avoid caffeine and cow dairy products on the day of the event

We advise to eat no more than 3 hours before the event

Stay well hydrated throughout the day, during the event, and throughout the following days

We strongly advise no Cacao if you have any Heart issues or are taking MAO antidepressants



No refunds are given, but if you miss your booking you are welcome to carry it into the next event only

This helps us stay organised, cover costs, and ensure good experience for everyone


Thank you so much for your presence and support. Feel free to get in touch with us via the contact page if you need any more information