Sober Clubbing is a Drink and Drug Free Dance Party that encourages freedom of expression, authentic connections, and the ignition of passion! We get high on sound, dance, and connection with other people. And instead of Alcohol at the Bar we serve Raw Cacao, Spring Water, Energiser Smoothies, Power Shots, and Fruit Juice. We party it up with Neon Effects and Face Paints. And we wear whatever we wish. Normal clothes, fitness gear, fancy dress, it’s up to you! 


Our DJ plays a fresh engaging Sound Journey that takes us deep, wide, happy and high! A mix of Spiritual Ambient, Tribal Shamanic, Techno, House, and Psytrance. 


Virtually no-one comes to Sober Clubbing without enjoying it. And as you won’t wake up next day with a hangover you can expect to feel good, positively energised and inspired! 

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